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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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makes sense. we also asked the question on gerri, 1% said yes, 99% of you are sane, hearty and whole. here's some of your e-mails. peter from new jersey: gerri: well gerri: just imagine the costs involvedn the additional testing which she didn't get. it's out of control. peter, i agree. i've seen the same kind of thing. alan from wyoming writes this: yer yer right, alan. and gary from north carolina says:
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gerri: we love hearing from you. send me an e-mail to you know what? i believe this country's on with pot smoking is out of control. the city of san diego considering medical marijuana vending machines. right. people will be able to swipe a card with their id and prescription on it and scan their fingerprint, then the pot is dispensed. those are going to be broken into so fast it'll make your head spin. i mean, seriously, do we really need to make it easier for people to get marijuana? and why do i think those nearby snack vending machines will have a hard time keeping cheetos in stock? that's my two cents more. that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. have a great night and a great weekend.
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stay safe. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us. president obama tonight caught between his politics and economics. another record day on wall street and an unemployment rate that has drop today the lowest -- dropped to the lowest level in four years, all of this occurring as we're one week into the sequester that president obama predicted would rain hellfire and ashes upon us. mr. obama's two-month-long campaign of fear and apocalyptic doom were for naught and cost the president some credibility in the process. the department of labor today reporting the february jobs number with the national unemployment rate declining to 7.7%. that number, the lowest since december of 2008 just before the
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president took office. skewing that number, however, is the read on how many of us are not in the labor force. according to the labor department analysis, more than 89 million americans are not in the labor force according to this latest report, that's a record high number including those who have retired on schedule, taken early retirement or just gnat out stopped looking for a job. and the dow jones industrial average meanwhile setting another record high today, the fourth in as many sessions. the dow jones industrials tonight at 14,397, soaring over 2% on the week. in fact, the dow jones and the s&p have risen each and every day since sequestration took effect. the capitalization of markets up nearly a half trillion dollars since sequestration. one might ask for more if this is a problem. president obama silent on all of this good news after boxing himself in as he predicted gloom
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and doom in the weeks preceding sequestration. the same president who fastidiously pushed the merits of an obviously sluggish economy during last year's election process. the administration not exactly sell rating a lower -- celebrating a lower unemployment rate and soaring market, but rather bashing republicans. here's deputy press secretary josh earnest. >> we really are starting to gain some traction. now, the question facing lawmakers in washington, d.c. is, is congress going to be engaged in an effort of putting in place the kinds of policies that will support that recovery? unfortunately what we've seen is we've seen policies put in place or policies blocked by congress, republicans in congress, that are actually plaguing our economy, not helping it. lou: wow. well, the obama administration reigniting an old controversy
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over trials of terrorists and enemy combatants in military tribunals, guantanamo bay and trying terrorists in federal courthouses on american soil. this after capturing an al-qaeda spokesman and the son-in-law of usama bin laden overseas and then bringing him to new york city to face trial. within steps of the 9/11 memorial. fox news correspondent doug mckelway has our report. >> reporter: the not guilty plea in federal court this morning to one count of conspiracy to kill americans sets the stage for a high profile terrorist trial just blocks from ground zero. it reignites intense republican criticism of the obama administration for trying terrorism suspects in civilian courts where miranda rights apply. >> if this man right next to usama bin laden involved in the attacks on our country on 9/11, don't you think it would be important that we not tell him that he has the right to
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remain silent? >> reporter: ayotte along with senators mccain and graham today again condemned the decision in a statement that said, quote: >> r eporter: a family member of a 9/11 victim also weighed in. >> my concern is a guy like this comes to a civilian court, he's put away. hopefully, he would be convicted, but it wouldn't, it's not -- it's conspiracy. it's not murder. >> reporter: but the white house today defended its record of terrorist convictions in federal court pointing to the times square bomber and the underwear bomber, now both serving life sentences. >> there is broad consensus across the united states government at the department of defense, the department of jus us, the department of homeland security, the intelligence community agrees that the pest way to -- the best way to protect our national security interests is to prosecute in article iii court. >> reporter: a former navy jag officer doubts the challenges meet the legal requirements of a military tribunal. >> sorry, but he can't be
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charged with material support for terrorism pause that's disallowed as a legal matter in military traditions. it's not a traditional war crime. and he can't be charged with conspiracy in military commissions because that's not a traditional war crime. >> reporter: but trying him in federal court also raises other concerns. in 2010 the administration backed down from trying terrorism mastermind khalid shake mohamed when new york police estimated the cost of security for a year-long trial would run $200 million. the government did not reveal he's been in custody since march 1st. prosecutors today said he gave an extensive postarrest statement totaling 22 pages, but they offered no details. april 8th, now, is expected to last only a few weeks. asked today if it would be disrupt i, mayor bloomberg seemed resigned to it saying, quote, i'm not going to get involved in that because i don't want to make the president's job any more difficult. lou?
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lou: very considerate rate of the mayor, it wasn't his response last time, was it? >> reporter: divide the opposite, lou. lou: we appreciate it. my next guest says the united states is losing out on important intelligence by not taking bin laden's son-in-law directly to guantanamo bay. joining us, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst kt mcfarlane and the former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. thank you both for being here. kt, let's begin with you. this is stunning. [laughter] the man is the son-in-law of usama bin laden, snuck into new york city, and the administration's stealthily preparing a civilian trial for a terrorist. >> it's crazy for three reasons. first of all, we are missing out on a lot of intelligence. the right to remain silent? this guy's been in iran for ten years. he can talk to us about the relationship between al-qaeda and iran. he can tell us what's going on
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in the iran. the second reason it's really crazy to do this is because what kind of security are we going to have in new york city? now, the justice department has said we'll be able to protect the terrorist. what about the rest of us? what about the lone wolf terrorist who's got to decide this is his moment to really have it his way, strap on some, a backpack or a suicide vest and head down to the subway system? the whole world is watching these trials. and the third thing which just continues to just confound me is liberals think if we show our great american judicial system and we take terrorists and put them into civilian crime, civilian trials that somehow they're going to love us, they're going to really respect our system. they don't respect our system of government. they want sharia law. they think that it looks like weaknesses. lou: ambassador bolton, do you agree? >> yeah. look, the fundamental problem here is the conceptual problem. the obama administration has believed for ideological reasons
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from the get go that we ought to take, we ought to treat international terrorism like it's a criminal syndicate, like it's knocking over the local 7/eleven as opposed to people committing acts of war against the united states. so the debate here isn't over do we true them in new york -- try them in new york or gitmo, the issue is whether we're waging a war against terrorism or whether we're racking up criminal prosecution awards. and the fact is this approach left america more insecure after the 1990s and led to the first september 11th, 2001, and if pursued over a course of years here as we are will leave us more insecure in the future. lou: i'd like to share with the audience the comments by mayor bloomberg who back in 2010 had this to say in regard to the obama administration's desire to try khalid sheikh mohammed in new york city. he said: it would, it would be
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great if the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars which using downtown will. it's going to cost an awful lot of money and disturb an awful lot of people. i mean, the suggestion of a military base is probably a reasonably good one. and with that, the obama administration changed its mind in 2010, kt. >> right. lou: he does not, the good mayor, want to in any way disturb the tranquility of the obama administration this time. >> well, if it was going to be a problem with khalid sheikh mohammed, it's going to be a problem with this guy too. and all of the security issues, the expense of it, the vulnerability of new york and particularly now when we are told time and time again the latest threat is not al-qaeda in pakistan, it's not al-qaeda even in yemen to the united states, it's the lone wolf. and that's the guy you never see coming, and that's the guy that's going to head to manhattan. lou: i want to turn to hugo chavez who the funeral in venezuela today. the u.s. delegation led by
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congressman gregory meeks, former congressman bill dell a hand, wiewl castro there, sean penn, of course, and jesse jackson. jackson giving a eulogy. your thoughts, ambassador, on the representation of the united states in venezuela. >> well, i would not have sent a delegation from washington. that's what you have a staff at the embassy in caracas for. they can be there with the rest of the diplomatic corps. look, this was a gathering of left-wingers and why the obama administration would choose to send anybody official from washington is absolutely beyond me. lou: what do you think, kt? >> well, look, this is a guy we're all happier that he has moved on. the question is what happens to venezuela now that he's left. is venezuela going to continue with the oil or six months from now is the music on the merry go round going to stop? lou: in north korea, talk about
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bellicosity. kim jong un is really, i mean, quite beside himself, threatening nuclear devastation, visiting it upon the united states. your thoughts about how the united states should react. >> yeah. lou: white house has already said, no, we'll handle your nuclear threat, thank you very much. >> that doesn't make me feel reassured. well, if you go ahead -- a, you're going to have nuclear weapons, b, you might launch them at us, but don't worry, we'll take care of them. we would be laughing at these guys between dennis rodman and the music video, but the fact is he's getting his hands on nuclear weapons, and there'll be proliferation in south korea and japan. you'll see more nukes in the region. in five years we could have five more nuclear power. lou: and, ambassador, 30,000 of our troops on the dmz in south korea. isn't it about time that we remove those troops? because they are clearly in harm's way and would amount to very little in the way of
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resistance should he send forces over that line or missiles or rockets. >> well, the plan is to bring the troops back away from the dmz toward the southern part of the peninsula so that they can actually be more effective if north korea attacks across the dmz, or they can be more readily moved to other places in asia. but it underlines the central point here. neither the bush administration, nor the obama administration is going to be successful in talking north korea out of its nuclear weapons program. we need to go to the chinese and say it's time to end this artificial division of the korean peninsula. we need your help. you're going to be better off in the long term without a north korea with nuclear weapons. now, get over this idea that it's a useful buffer state. let's get this baggage onto the ash heap of history and reunify the peninsula. of. lou: and in terms of things this country can accomplish with its
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own policy, amongst them would be to remove those 30,000 of you are troops who are, as you just said it, clearly in harm's way and exposed and vulnerable to a north korean threat. body, thanks as always. ambassador john bolton and kt mcfarlane, thank you. we're going to have much more on the debate over guantanamo bay, military tribunals and trying, trying terrorists in our civilian courts. and, of course, the north korean nuclear threat. the city of new york, 80% of the students can't realize, the mayor's running an assault on the second amendment and, oh, so worried about large sodas, salty foods and loud music. tonight we take a look at the billionaire mayor's mixed-up nanny-state priorities in tonight's chalk talk. new york state was the first to go after guns after the newtown massacre, and now gun owners are fighting back. the new york pistol and rifle
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♪ lou: well, a new development in the administration's assault on the second amendment, gun owners in the state of new york are fighting back against new york state's new laws introduced and brought into law by governor cuomo limiting the second amendment. the president of the new york pistol and rifle association, tom king, joining us here in just moments. but first, let's bring you up-to-date on what was another extraordinary day and week on wall street. the dow jones industrials, four records in a row. investors happy with the news of a strong job growth and decline in the unemployment rate. the dow up almost 68 points, the
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s&p up 7, its highest close since mid october of 2007. the s&p and the dow up every day this week. the s&p just this close to a new record. and the nasdaq up 12 points, big board volume 3.6 billion. for the week a sweep for the stock markets, all three major indexes up, up more than 2%. total market cap as measured by the wilshire 5,000 up almost a half billion dollars, excuse me, $425 billion to be more precise. crude oil finishing off the week with a gain pushing up near or $92 a barrel, gold up $1.80, 1576.90. money continuing to move into the equities market, and the ten-year treasury, by the way, the yield back above 2%, 2.06%. our next guest's organization about to file a lawsuit, as i said, that will be challenging new york's newly-enacted gun control law. it's known as the safe act. he helped plan a recent protest,
7:21 pm
thousands of gun rights supporters demonstrating in the state's capital in albany. the law approved by both chambers, signed by governor andrew cuomo in under 24 hours back on the 15th of january. now, less than two months later, 50 of new york's 62 counties have passed or proposed resolutions in opposition to the law. joining us now is the president of the new york pistol and rifle association, tom king. tom, good to have you here. lawsuits, demonstrations, the fact is new york has a new law. what are the odds that you and your association and other gun own orers in the state -- owners in the state are going to be able to roll this back? >> well, i don't think that there's much of a chance of rolling it back legislatively. the numbers against us in the assembly are just way too great. the only chance that we have is really through a court action. lou: and what are -- what do you judge the likelihood to be?
7:22 pm
the courts, you know, have been pretty decidedly clear in two supreme court challenges that gun rights will prevail but that states and other jurisdictions have the ability to regulate guns. >> well, i think we're going to be successful in this case in the lawsuit that we're filing because the way we're going about it, we're looking at some constitutional issues, some issues that have already been decided in times past. and it's, it's going to be a comprehensive suit that is not taking into, not taking into account the way the governor did it or the way the assembly and senate did it, but actually based on the issues and the laws themselves. lou: okay. can you make that, can you kind of put that in english for me? because i don't really understand it. we have a second amendment, the state has just said the heck
7:23 pm
with the second amendment rights, and we're going to do what we wish. you haven't filed for an injunction to stop the enforcement of the law, have you? >> not yet. we, we've notified the state that we're going to be bringing action against them and probably late next week or early next week we will be filing our papers and included in that will be asking for an injunction to stop implementation. there's, there's a number of issues that have already been, been decided in earlier court cases that this, we feel, that this act is in violation of. so that's how we're going after it. lou: okay. what specifically, the ban on assault weapons, the law's limitation on magazine capacity? what specifically are you going after? >> well, i can't, i can't get too specific because of our, because our lawyers have asked not -- lou: oh, okay. >> -- that i not.
7:24 pm
okay, but if you look, there's been decision cans over the years about registration and list keeping and stuff like that that this law actually, you know, you can see that -- lou: yeah, i interpret that as being a concern about the creation of a registry as a result of what the state would do. >> yes. lou: tom king -- >> yes, plus the ammo registry. lou: i'm sorry? i'm sorry? >> plus the ammo registry is -- yeah. lou: the registry idea seems a little orwellian even for current tastes at least in some parts of the country, but especially in new york state. tom, we appreciate you being with us. keep us posted as this suit moves forward, and we'll bring you back to update us. tom king, thanks so much. up next, billionaire new york mayor mike bloomberg wants your soda, your guns, but doesn't seem to care whether or not you can read if you're in his schools. we'll take that up in the chalk talk here next. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently
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♪ lou: by now just about everybody knows, especially if you watch this broadcast, that new york's mayor, michael bloomberg, is financing the assault on the second amendment that is now nationwide. essentially, the billionaire mayor wants to buy second amendment. here's just one example of where he's spending part of his estimated, well, "forbes" estimates his net worth at about $27 billion. i think that's probably fair give or take a billion. the mayor's superpac has poured more than $2 million into one congressional race in chicago, illinois, alone. now, that's the bluest of blue states, and the district previously represented by jesse jackson jr., making it one of the bluest districts of a blue state anywhere in the country. the mayor's pac decided to spend that millions of or dollars on ads to defeat a democratic
7:29 pm
candidate in the primary who didn't support a ban on assault weapons, and the mayor's candidate did prevail. but the good mayor, who is now in his third term and who's spent more than $100 until in his last campaign just to win an office that he was term limited out of but who managed to persuade everybody he deserved, so he's got it, and now be careful what you ask for, the saying goes. the mayor seems bored with just the issues here in new york city. this instead is what he's preoccupied with. he outlawed -- just take a quick look -- smoking in public places. he banned the use of transfats in restaurants. he started a campaign against salt. he banned sodas, especially those that are too big or sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. and let me just show you, look what we found in dunkin doughnuts as a result of the
7:30 pm
mayor's -- what would you call it? -- his diversion. this is a flyer explaining what the new new york city regulations mean for you. new york city regulations, due to those regulations starting march 12th, this restaurant will no longer be allowed to offer large orer sizes of certain beverages. refer to the back of this sheet to find out what these changes mean for you. turning the page, what is changing? you will have to add your own sugar to large and extra large beverages, medium, large -- this is from dunkin doughnuts, some of the nicest people in the country. this is what they've got to contend with and their customers have to contend with in new york city. oh, by the way, he wants to ban styrofoam, too, starting a campaign as well against -- are you ready? -- loud headphones. i'm starting to suspect something here. the man really has a problem with, well, behavior and things that start with an s; smoking, salt, sodas, sugary drinks,
7:31 pm
styrofoam. do you suppose that's some psychological thing going on? well, we'll find out. meanwhile, according to cbs new york with all of this occupying the good mayor -- and don't, oh, no, don't forget guns, don't forget guns -- almost 80%, 80% of all new york city high school graduates who want to attend a community college have to take remedial courses to learn how to read. let me repeat that. 80%. that's what a fine job the mayor and the educational system in this city is doing. the homeless population in new york city, by the way, mr. mayor, if you just want a little diversion from the sodas, the salt, the smoking, gun control issues, the number of people in thety's homeless shelter -- the in the city's homeless shelter has risen 61%.
7:32 pm
61% since the mayor took office. a record 50,000 people, 50,000 folks and an estimated 21,000 of them children. by the way did i mention the potholes'? i know i thought you were a pretty good guy, mr. mayor. there's a lot of work to do here in new york city. i knew your board, and maybe a lot you have some time left in office you get the city
7:33 pm
working in the nine months you have left. something to think about. >> did not and son-in-law in court. should he be at guantanamo? the little fellow talks like he has said the wheat -- heavyweight justin bieber with a rugged with the proper r.o.t.c.. -- by proxy the do and gloom president cannot brag about good economic times douglas told the kid is here next.
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7:37 pm
charged with defending the borders. 45,000 armed agents have to take two weeks of unpaid leave between this month and september. if you are an administrator administrator, you get the pay increase don't worry about the drug smugglers and illegal immigrants crossing the border, you will be rolling in money while the border patrol is not. the president's policy reducing illegal immigrants from jail as a consequence. the monitor records illegal immigrants crossing the rio grande river then they surrender. according to the paper they have been convinced that they cross then if they turn themselves in, released
7:38 pm
because of the sequester. it works great. with growing backlash to cancel white house to workers the secret service says it saves $74,000 per week, a $2 million before the end of the fiscal year. tourists are not very happy state that was a reasonable decision. >> in terms of the overall cost of operating the country and government it is for posturing. lou: critics point* out the first family to cut back on their own travel. the president golfing with tiger woods cost $1 million. it is strange this is the
7:39 pm
only spending cut ever implemented by the obama white house. nation's employers adding 236,000 jobs bring the unemployment down to the lowest numbers since 2008. with the state of the economy great to have you with us, doug. and things are strong and positive numbers suggest. this is a report we don't see that with an increase of jobs and unemployment and more importantly increases of hours and wages that something is missing in the recovery. lou: people are crabbing about the fact we've been
7:40 pm
the work force, only one-tenth of a percent this is an improvement but invalidates with the equities market has been saying, things are truly starting to turn around. >> i do think it is good news. i would like to see three and a row. what is missing wear everything clicks to increase of employment, income growth growth, we have not seen that yet. important to remember four months of this, we are to years of growth the way to anything that looks like 6 percent unemployment and it is overdue. lou: white house spokesperson says administration says the job
7:41 pm
gains could be reversed by implementation of a sequester. would you relieve them of their misapprehension? >> this is perplexing. if the government drives the economy, it doesn't make sense to worry about spending cuts in raise taxes by $200 billion per year. there's no way to square that. they need to revisit their fundamental foundation. year on a trajectory to harm the economy and a threat to the future. steps to improve that the president refuses to the least a sequester is a step in the redirection. lou: thank you so much.
7:42 pm
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lou: sometimes the news is so absurd you cannot control your reaction. if you stop the transportation security administration could not be my challenge to come to think again. the undercover gsa inspector was able to pass through security a new work last month with a fake bomb twice he stashed it improvised the explosive device to security screenings and a pat down.
7:46 pm
democratic senator murphy urges nascar to drop the nra over rice at the speedway riding a letter saying in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting club med i believe it would be imprudent for them to step into a heated debate. >> a freshman senator from connecticut commission may be news but the nascar ceo is a big supporter of sandy hook donating $50,000 for the families provide north the senator have stunned himself i'm sure he matched that. also confiscating a third grader homemade batch of cupcakes there on the
7:47 pm
lookout. the redecorated with plastic green army soldiers the principal said she took issue because she was to promote nonviolence in the wake of sandy hook and soldiers on do that. lou: know they protect your rights to be an idiot. the students dad said he was disgusted by the decision and it is filed he rose in with psychopathic killers and that was only one idiot but she is the boss of the school. but people of london are safe trying to refine from a frightening incident to occur this morning from justin bieber. he lunched at the paparazzi his 130 pounds of yuri. there were a number of profanities'.
7:48 pm
this is truly disturbing video. lou: do they know who they are messing with? he is incredible. said goodness he got out of there before real damage was done. the entourage intervened but it was close and a photographer has to be badly shaken. lou: the unemployment rate at the four year low the "a team" takes up. a great day in america.
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no. ♪ what's in your wallet? you got any mustard in there? ♪ what's in your wallet? you got any mustard in there? ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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lou: the broadcast of social media upset over senator mccain's insults hurled at rand paul with those who were supporting in the filibuster in standing up with civil liberties. >> when man doesn't know he is embarrassing himself one of national stage she needs to leave office. >> oas honor his service to the country cannot performance of politics. joining us is the "a team" ed rollins, judith miller and matt, from houston and texas. good evening. [laughter]
7:53 pm
by october? i that it was a glorious moment in the senate. >> he is pulling the justin bieber. [laughter] he loves to be in the center if somebody. lou: attention? not political if the filibuster is news john mccain got angry. issues have been done with benghazi and other issues
7:54 pm
and finally it was done and he should not have been insulting. lou: rand paul blew up twitter last night, ted cruise stand with him a democrat of oregon as well. what is the reaction to mccain and lindsay gramm and dianne feinstein attacking senator crews and grand paul? >> we love ted occurs we are proud of him as a freshman senator from texas. if you watch this rate the tear -- attorney-general holder he brings people to them that one negative to their knees. john mccain is uncomfortable not to get his attention. reinstall showed people what could be done.
7:55 pm
he knew from the beginning he would be confirmed but he is getting results from the people of the left and right. lou: we will come back with the "a team" what is going on politically? is the republican parties splitting? is this a rupture? are lindsay and mccain are lindsay and mccain doing exactly what obama ran at dinner the night buz before last? coming up giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything, it's that you can't cling to the past... if you want to create the future. that's why, instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. pushing u.s. aviation to new heights. all 80 thousand of us. busy investing billions in the industry's boldest moves. it's biggest advances in technology.
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♪ lou: we're back with the a-team. i want to turn to ed rollins. ed, just what's going on with republican party? surely, john mccain having lost a presidential election -- >> badly. lou: i'm sorry? >> badly. lou: but there should be room there for humility, and instead he's attacking the new generation of, obviously, the leaders of the republican party. >> the irony, john mccain was the maverick of the republican party ten years ago. he was against the bushes and other people. these two men, senator cruz, senator paul, are very significant leaders of the new movement. the party has always had
7:59 pm
different segments -- lou: rubio and johnson, all the others -- >> these are great young talents and, obviously, they're going to remake the republican party. john's day has come and gone, lindsey graham has got to fight to get reelected. lou: do you think he'll get reelected? >> i think he's got a tough primary. at the end of the day, it's not a bad thing to have change, but i think these young people, basically, are going to become significant leaders of the new tea party, whatever it may be, but it's going to be a very significant party, and we need, basically, energy in our party, and they will create energy. lou: a south dakota law, matt, i want to bring this up with you, a south dakota law will allow teachers to have guns in classrooms, specifically allowing teachers to carry firearms. other states have provisions, you know, that they can be armed. what's your reaction? >> well, i think it's great. i hope texas does the same thing. i think they're absolutely doing the right thing. they will give each school


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